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Simple and Affordable

Smart Home Solutions

Make your home easier to operate, safer, more energy-efficient, and even more fun! The 'Smart Home' doesn't have to be scary or overly expensive, as long as your lifestyle is matched to the proper technology. Now Press Play can help with handyman electronic and WiFi installations, remote-monitoring and control via your phone, or more complex large home and estate systems. Please contact for no-cost consultations or estimates.


Motorized Shade and Lighting Control
Our Story

I'm Matt Wiedemann, owner and operator of Now Press Play. After years in the AV and related technology industries, I felt that an opportunity existed to help people in a new way when it comes to the sometimes scary world of home technology and entertainment.  Whether adding daily-life and safety enhancements to an existing home, or wanting to make sure your new home is electronically configured to be as safe, energy-efficient, and future-proofed as possible, Now Press Play is here to be your partner in the process. We're always glad to share some free advice, or maybe it's simply helping install a DIY 'Smart Home' device you've seen at a big-box retailer, but don't have the time to figure out. We're here, available to the Austin and Hill Country region, and are more excited and confident than ever about the affordable and longer life-span 'smart' products coming on the market.  We're 'technology-optimistic' - we know the frustrations that can exist, but believe that properly implemented, technology can bring great joy and enhance your daily life in many valuable ways.  Thank you for considering Now Press Play!

Our Vision

The vision and overall goal here is to treat you as we would want to be treated, both personally and in business. More specifically, we want to recommend the simplest and most reliable technology devices or integrated solutions possible to achieve your goals.  In the past, and what's always made home technology so scary, the proprietary systems with all their own devices and protocols have been unpredictably expensive, and prone to outdating themselves either through license fees or company changes in general.  So our motto here is 'keep it simple.'  With a stable WiFi network (and proper wiring if possible), we want to utilize products that do their job well, and are no more complicated than need be to meet whatever your specific need(s) might be. Of course it gets more interesting when you want the security, energy, and entertainment eco-systems to sync and interact with one another, but again we want to provide you with a decent understanding of the technologies involved, and what we see as the best values in these larger systems.  If you're unsure about all this 'Internet of Things' talk, please know there are reliable and affordable devices that can simplify your life on a daily basis, and that we stand behind!


Products & Pricing

As authorized dealers, we are partnered with trusted brands we have chosen, and whose products we are certified to sell, install, and program.  Below you will find select individual components in turnkey 'installed' package prices, as they fall into 3 general categories: safety, energy, and entertainment. You're getting the products at or below what you would pay at a big box retailer or 

authorized online reseller, plus installation and training. Unless you're a die-hard DIY'er with lots of extra time and patience, we test and use (and most likely own) all these products, and can assure you we will save you time and likely a few learning-curve headaches.  A few of our offerings (re: Lutron QS shades and RadioRa2 lighting) are only available through authorized dealers such as ourselves.

  • New Home Low-voltage Prewire (design-build; yes, we're better at this than your GC's electrician)
  • Lutron Motorized Shade Products
  • Lutron RadioRa2 and Caseta Lighting Systems
  • WiFi Install & Config (Ubiquiti, Eero)
  • Sonos Wireless Music system
  • Denon HEOS Whole-house music system
  • Doorbird Door and Gate entry-stations
  • Ring Video Doorbells & Floodlight Cams
  • Ecobee & Nest Smart Thermostats
  • Speaker lines ranging from Monitor Audio to Definitive Technology (flush-mount & freestanding), among others
  • U-line Turntables (awesome, connected to your HEOS or Sonos system, playable in every zone!)
  • Alexa (Amazon Echo) voice-recognition programming ('Alexa, is my front door locked?')
  • Logitech Harmony Pro, RTI, and Savant Remote control systems
  • Surround-Sound Speaker Systems
  • Centrally-racked AV and network equipment
  • Whole-house AV remote controls
  • TVs & Projectors
  • Water Leak Detectors, Irrigation controls
  • Astronomical Timeclock & Vacation Mode programming
  • Away-from-home Monitoring (cameras, locks, thermostats, network status, etc.)
  • App-based Door Locks & Garage Door openers
  • Geofencing (actions based on proximity)
  • App-based Security systems (with monitoring; wired and wireless)
  • Product Training
  • Ongoing 24-hour Support
  • other brands available, please ask
Products & Pricing
Ring Video Doorbell Pro
$449 Installed
You shouldn’t have to wonder who's at your door, or when they get there.  With the Ring Video Doorbell, always know when your package arrives, whether you’re upstairs or across town. Better yet, with the low voltage-powered Pro model, have a clear, 1080p recording of any trouble-makers at your door. A Ring installation simplifies the safety of your property. Floodlight and perimeter cams available as well.
AmplifiHD or Eero Home WiFi Network Systems $549 Installed
A stable network keeps you and your safety devices connected to each other, and to the outside world.  Boost the performance of your home with next-generation Wi-Fi technology that delivers high-performance wireless access, as well as an app for away-from-home monitoring.  These new 'MESH' devices avoid the coverage and speed-loss problems of the prior generation of WiFi devices and extenders, and eliminate
older-home wiring issues.
Schlage Keyless Doorlock
$399 Installed
No more fumbling for your keys in your pocket or purse. Just enter a quick code the for the ultimate in convenience.  
Re-locking can be prog-rammed, and away-from-home control can be added (additional WiFi bridge re-quired, +$199). Coupled with a video doorbell, this is a very useful tool for access and safety of family and friends. 
Home Safety
Lutron Scene-Based Lighting 
Caseta Starter Kit 2x
$399 installed
RadioRa2 Starter Kit 5x 
$1999 Installed
RadioRA 2 is a wireless whole-home, energy saving system. It gives you the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light (using lighting control and automated shades) in a single room or throughout your entire residence. RadioRA2's scene-based lighting system is an industry standard known for its reliability, and features energy-saving dimmers, LED compa-tibility, and astronomical time clock automation. Caseta is a smaller-home version of Radio RA2, but still built on the same reliable Clear Connect wireless technology.  Both have remote app control of all scenes, devices, and time clock events.
Lutron Motorized Shades 
QS Triathlon Roller & Honeycomb 
starting at approximately $800 per window installed.
Custom pricing required.
Enjoy the beauty of the Austin and Hill Country landscape with Lutron QS Shading Systems. They are the quietest motors and hardware you will find on the market, with a choice of light and heat-filtering fabrics which will create a beautiful and comfortable setting for your home or office. Lutron motorized shades can be powered by low-voltage or long-lasting batteries, and are unmatched in their ability to operate in sync (no matter the power source or battery level).  The energy-saving benefits of motor-ized shades make them the perfect addition to your smart home installation.
Smart Thermostats 
Ecobee3 or Nest E
$369 Installed
Ecobee4 or Nest (3rd Gen)
$449 Installed
Most people leave the house at one temperature and forget to change it, or have to reprogram each Spring and Fall.  So the Ecobee and Nest Thermostats learn your schedule, program themselves, and can be con-trolled from your phone when you're not at home. The Ecobee4 includes a built-in Alexa voice-recognition system, as well as wireless remote room sensors. Nest works with a larger eco-system of devices like cameras and air-quality sensors.  Teach them well and these thermostats can lower your heating and cooling bills up to 20%.
 U-Turn Orbit Turntables
starting at $179, please see
U-Turn's website for pricing,
installation additional
Add some soul (and maybe even a bit of romance!) to your whole-house music system.  We're very honored to be authorized dealers for U-Turn Audio, and their fantastic, American-made, hand-built, and uniquely affordable custom turntables.  Paired with a HEOS Link or Sonos Preamp, your turntable essentially becomes wireless itself, and can sit practically any place in your home - as visible or as near your record collection as you want.  A real attention-getter - old school, and very modern all at the same time!
Sonos Wireless Speaker System
Stereo (2) Play1's $499 Installed
Stereo (2) Play3's $699 Installed
Playbar+Subwoofer $1599 Installed
Sonos is the wireless HiFi system that lets you stream all the music on earth in every room of your home. Start with one room then expand anywhere to fill your home with sound. A total Sonos installation integrates players wirelessly and controls all your music with free apps for your Android, iPhone, or iPad. The Playbar is a true left/center/right cinema speaker, and along with the Sonos Sub, is renowned for its sound quality and streaming capability.  Many different sizes and arrays available.
Denon HEOS HomeCinema
Music System, $999 Installed
Stereo Soundbar + Wireless Subwoofer
HEOS is a wireless music system that allows you to control all your music effortlessly from anywhere in your home. All you need is one or more HEOS speakers anywhere in your house, and the free app.  HEOS gives you access to all your music, and you can add other users to the line-up to vary the playlists. HEOS 'zones' are built into the various wireless speakers and surround sound bars, as well as in many Denon amps.  This makes HEOS a very flexible system in that it bridges streaming audio over wireless and wired speakers seamlessly.
Ease of Operation

Just a few words about the 'connected home' concept, and overall ease-of-operation.  We have no dealer relationships that require quotas of us, so we won't be pushing a fancy 'one magic app' control system (and all it's proprietary hardware and cost) if you don't need it, and many homeowners don't. Control systems have their place, and we are licensed and capable of installing a few of them.  Mostly, we're looking for the best value in relation to your needs and lifestyle.  Most 'smart' devices and systems have apps these days - some homeowners may be happy with multiple apps, some may want one single one.  Others may not like apps so much, and might enjoy Amazon Alexa or Apple Homekit Siri for voice commands (hands-free operation is very useful once you've learned how it best helps you, and you want to grow with the technology - definitely the future of home control).  Other more advanced features are geofencing, letting your phone location and proximity to your home trigger arrival and departure modes.  And last, but far from the least, are the benefits of home control for the disabled, or maybe to assist and maintain better safety measures for an elderly friend or family member living on their own.  These goals can be accomplished with relatively affordable and uncomplicated devices; though there may be a new app to learn, in almost all cases today's technology has become much easier to operate and more reliable than in the past.

Ease of Operation
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